Meet The Exhibitor: iluminr

Build awareness and engagement of your resilience program

Create quick yet memorable experiences with bite-sized scenario exercises by having participants respond to an aspect of a simulated incident or critical event.

iluminr’s microsimulation programs are delivered directly to the participant wherever they are, on any device, helping you to increase participation and build high levels of engagement.

Develop individual skills and team capability

Engage your people more frequently with experiences that build critical skills and better prepare them for critical events.

Our microsimulation program can target all levels of your organization, from site managers to executive leadership teams, supporting participants to translate learning into practical application.

Create familiarization with your organization's toolsets

Building resilience across an organization relies on stress testing the capability, processes, and assumptions built into your organization’s business as usual and response processes.

Regular microsimulation exercises help participants access and utilize the tools available to them, ensuring they know what to use and how to use them during a critical event.

Meet regulatory or contractual compliance

Despite current levels of crisis fatigue, organizations must continue to demonstrate ongoing regulatory and contractual compliance.

iluminr microsimulation programs can be aligned with existing resilience and compliance objectives, helping you to ‘tick the box’ without compliance dictating your program outcomes.


Join us and learn more about iluminr and more companies like them at the Natural Disaster Expo on February 7th & 8th, get your free access to the event here.