Meet The Exhibitor: Paratech

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Our product

All Paratech products are designed by Paratech engineers and all processes that include milling, turning, rubber molding and assembly are performed at the factory in Frankfort, Illinois. We take pride in the fact that our goal is to provide the highest quality products we can design and produce.

Paratech manufactures an ever-increasing number of emergency service, industrial and law enforcement products. Our specialty is tools for technical rescue, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. Paratech products have far ranging applications that extend to shipboard damage control, pipeline, mining, rail, quarries, vehicle maintenance, and recovery – just to name a few. Whether you are here to browse or plan your next purchase, we hope you will find this site interesting and informative. If for any reason your needs aren’t satisfied, please let us know.

Paratech History

In early 1962, Howard Leibovitz, Paratech’s president and co-founder, discovered a heretofore unknown application for a Swedish gasoline driven power saw. This discovery led to the formation of a small sales and manufacturing facility to act as the exclusive U.S. agent for the AB Partner Co. of Sweden.

Paratech was incorporated in 1963 as Mobile Saws Incorporated. As the U.S. representative for AB Partner, Mobile Saws quickly became the guiding force behind the worldwide fire & rescue service acceptance of the famous K-12 Rescue Saw. Between 1963 and 1979 virtually every major fire department in the United States used the Partner K-12 Saw for emergency ventilation procedures. As business from this discovery grew, it soon became evident that many accessories would be needed to keep the K-12 Saw in the marketplace. These accessories were designed and manufactured by Mobile Saws and became the seed for future manufacturing growth.

In 1967, the name was changed to Partner Industries of America, Inc. to better reflect the brand of Partner saws. In 1979, the AB Partner Company was sold and the buyer opted to operate through its own U.S. factory branches. Partner Industries of America, Inc. then changed its name to Paratech, Incorporated and began to replace the lost volume with new proprietary manufactured products for the fire and rescue industry.

The principle management of Paratech has accumulated over 75 years of experience in the design and manufacture of specialized equipment for the fire and rescue services. Members of the management have also worked previously in the emergency services.

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