Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alison Thompson

Dr. Thompson is a full-time humanitarian volunteer and author. The founder of the Third Wave Volunteers has been a leader in disaster relief and aid for years. Dr. Alison was a first responder in NYC and founded the Third Wave Volunteers on 9/11/2001. The Dr. created the organization after seeing the devastation firsthand and seeing how many governments and humanitarian efforts globally were having trouble providing assistance on a large scale. TTW looks to help make recovery and relief accessible to everyone affected and that adequate supplies and volunteers are on hand.

During the 2004 tsunami disaster, Dr. Thompson documented in the film the aid of four volunteers, who met up with limited experience and resources and helped in the recovery needs of the region. The film titled “The Third Wave” showcased how the volunteers set up a first aid stand and refugee camp all while not waiting for funding or following all the established disaster rules. This was followed by the book “The Third Wave: A Volunteer Story” which further shows the organization's relief solutions and its thinking outside of the box approach to disaster aid. This information was provided by Third Wave Volunteers and IMDB.

Come learn more about Dr. Alison Thompson and The Third Wave and what they have to offer and have a chance to network with their team of professionals at the Natural Disasters Expo on February 7th & 8th, 2022 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Register and get free tickets today!