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Using Space-Based Technology to Detect Wildfires Earlier.
Giving your team more time to take data-driven decisive action.                            

Our Solution                                                          

•A Constellation of 16 Satellites
•Sending Alerts in Real-Time                                                                   
•Orbiting at 600 km Above Earth
•Providing Global Coverage every 4 to 6 Hours

How it Works

1. We work with the natural biophysics of a wildfire.
Using patent-pending high-performance cameras, we can identify wildfires that are as small as 5 to 10 meters in diameter.
2. We identify where that wildfire is located anywhere on Earth.
Our precision geo-location targeting can locate wildfires within 10 meters of accuracy.
3. We send wildfire alerts in real-time.
Our real-time transmission allows sufficient time to take data-driven decisive action.


Prevent Small Wildfires from becoming Potentially Catastrophic Wildfires Earlier detection.
Faster response. When we detect wildfires that are as small as 5 to 10 meters diameter in size, you get more time to make an informed decision. In situations where a wildfire could threaten nearby towns, infrastructures, or industrial operations, you can begin to actively suppress a potentially catastrophic wildfire up to, on average, 2 hours earlier.

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