Exhibitor Spotlight: SeeDevil Lighting

This blog is provided by SeeDevil Lighting

SeeDevil Lighting manufactures the most durable and efficient LED portable lighting systems specializing in LED Balloon Lights. With the introduction of next-generation SeeDevil Lighting products in Q4-2019, SeeDevil Lighting has seen massive growth in demand for diffused lighting products in the recreational and professional industries. Moving forward into 2022, users will be excited to see new lines of SeeDevil products including solar generators (battery packs), rechargeable lighting systems, and power distribution equipment.

SeeDevil LED Balloon Lights produce brilliant illumination that's easy on the eyes by utilizing inflatable balloon diffuser bags to defuse the emitted light creating glare-free illumination. From camping to construction, crime scenes to events, SeeDevil reliably provides glare-free, 360° light sources that can be deployed in an instant. Equipped with industry-leading top brand name Samsung™ LED Chips, SeeDevil Balloon Lights are the most powerful lights in their class. Although powerful, SeeDevil lights are comfortable to be around due to their manipulation of glare-free indirect soft light. Using an indirect light source can reduce eye fatigue and glare which can be safer and more comfortable to work around. The direction we are seeing in the various markets, such as construction, event rental, and consumer use is all LED, more light-weight, and a preference for more comfortable indirect or glare-free options. With the availability of highly efficient and extremely powerful LED chips, diffusing emitted light through a medium such as SeeDevil’s Balloon Diffuser still creates a massive wide-area light coverage that’s comfortable to be around.

Besides the industry-leading tech built into each lighting system, SeeDevil Lighting maintains the most prominent of product safety certifications. Holding UL/ETL/RoHS/CE/FCC certificates on lighting and power products demonstrates the attention to electrical safety concerns and quality of workmanship that SeeDevil puts into their products. While most manufacturers of Balloon Light products do not place importance on electrical safety certifications, SeeDevil does.

SeeDevil™ offers kits, mounting accessories, and more, available for purchase online and with the SeeDevil™ dealer network.

To find more information on the full line of SeeDevil™ products or to apply for the SeeDevil™ dealership network visit www.SeeDevil.com, Email or call 877-659-5476.

Learn more about SeeDevil Lighting and companies like them at our Natural Disaster Expo in Miami on February 7th and 8th, 2022.