Western Global

The World’s Leading Fuel Storage Partner - Western Global – Ready for Tomorrow, Today.
From construction sites to disaster recovery zones, keeping vital equipment running demands a
consistent, secure source of energy. This means storing fuel that’s ready at the precise point it’s needed.
We manufacture transportable tanks that can be towed, craned or forklifted filled with fuel – and larger,
stationary units that eliminate downtime on larger and longer-term projects.
Our customers include the largest temporary power generation, equipment rental and fuel distribution
companies globally. These customers value our market-leading:
- Range of tanks, pumps and ancillaries that combine to create a ready to go fuel solution
- Regulatory knowledge through in-house regulatory and engineering teams
- Operational locations in the US, Canada, UK and Poland allowing rapid fulfilment in local
Over 60 years, through sustainable organic growth and strategic acquisition, Western Global has
become a world-wide leader in the business of storing and handling fuels and lubricants.
Our Success Stories show just how many industries and applications rely on our tanks for a clean,
consistent energy supply. That’s why we’ve invested in people and stock around the world to ensure no
matter how temporary the need, the right product is available in the right place, at the right time

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