UDlive is an environmental technology company that designs and manufactures innovative remote sensing and communications equipment for the water industry.

Our radar-based devices provide market leading water level and flow measurement for water courses, sewer networks, and property protection. All our products are designed in-house specifically for the harsh environments in which they are deployed.

UDlive devices are easy to install, have ultra-long battery life, and offer remote two-way connectivity even in some of the hardest to reach locations. By deploying them across sewer networks, rivers, or on key property assets, you can receive live, trusted, data that will become central to your asset maintenance and flood prevention operations.

Beyond the water sector, UDlive also offers a highly versatile remote telemetry unit (RTU) solution that can provide data logging and communications for a wide range of high-end third-party sensors, as well as remote sensors for other sectors such as winter services and waste management.

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