Thor Guard, Inc.

As the oldest lightning warning system in the world, incorporated in 1973, Thor Guard has produced
unique lightning prediction systems for more than forty-nine years. In 2019, the revolutionary TG 360
product was introduced. Utilizing data from over forty-nine years of successful lightning prediction, this
new system adds severe storm and tornado prediction, lightning detection distance and direction, heat
index and wet bulb warnings and a variety of weather data all from a single site. Thor Guard’s
technology platform has reduced false alerts to negligible levels and increased accuracy of all warnings
beyond previous models already considered the best in the industry.
Thor Guard has developed large area maps of TG 360 systems displaying multiple systems in
operation. The data provided by the TG 360 systems are instantaneous and available for any customer
contributing their system’s data to the networks. Because Thor Guard is a data-based system and
constantly archiving TG 360 storm data, we can upgrade the operating systems whenever new data
strongly supports an upgrade. This process will be particularly important as we collect more data on
severe storms and tornadoes. Our lightning prediction and storm warnings do not respond solely to a
lightning event or NWS advisories, we are proactive and reliably consistent.
Thor Guard Weather had been used by the United States Golf Association since 1995 and began
working with the LIV Tour in 2022. Thor Guard meteorologists are exceptionally talented.
Coming soon, the Neptune and Nomad market-specific systems.

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