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Our mission is to provide energy independence and move a significant amount of fossil fuel consumption to solar energy. Our portable solar generators allow anyone to generate and store electricity to use on the spot or on the go. Our portable units are offered in sizes from 130Wh to 2.5kWh with a weight of 1.5kg to 27kg and can be charged using any portable or traditional solar panel. We also have larger units in another product line which range from 3.2kWh at 40kg, 5kWh at 215kg, 10kWh at 228kg and 15kWh at 400kg. These are more suited for long term placement with fixed panels. Each device is designed to be plug and play and an all-in-one unit. The portable range comes equipped with A/C inverter and sockets, USB C QC PD, USB A, DC regulated 12V ports, MPPT controllers, cooling fans and safety mechanisms. These units have been used in a diverse range of applications from use by work teams at ports, agricultural use, hospitality, foreign aid work, and filming advertisements in glaciers. Each unit is quiet, fume free, clean and uses free, renewable energy. There is significant potential to apply portable solar generators in disaster relief scenarios. Portable solar generators can provide a means for electricity generation and storage on the way to and at inaccessible locations. They can provide 24/7 electricity backup, can be easily integrated into existing systems and be used on their own as torches/lamps and chargers for rescue tools and equipment. These units can be used as preventative measures to create energy independence via free renewable energy to minimise vulnerability to power grid disruptions due to natural disasters. They can be used during emergency and rescue missions during disasters. These units can then be implemented as both temporary or permanent solutions in communities and regions after a disaster for recovery or long term energy independence, decentralisation and sustainability. Communities can power equipment for lighting/cooling/heating, communication/internet/telephone equipment, medical equipment, refrigeration, irrigation, cooking, UV/sanitation/cleaning, power tools and much more.

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