Rental Power Solutions

Rental Power Solutions provides both temporary and emergency/backup generator rentals covering all industries and needs throughout Florida, including warehouses, data centers, marine, hospitals, universities, restaurants & hospitality.

Completed Projects:

Client: University of Miami Hospital
Purpose: Back-up power
Result: Rental Power Solutions was contacted to provide a Caterpillar XQ600 and a CAT XQ2000 to the hospital during hurricane season in order to ensure zero downtime in case of a power outage.

Client: American Cancer Society | Baptist Health
Purpose: Event Power
Result: Rental Power Solutions is always pleased to do its part when it comes to serving the community. That’s why we provided two MQ150 units to power up a hospital event in the name of spreading cancer awareness.

Client: Univision Studios
Purpose: Back-up power
Result: Rental Power Solutions powered up one of the most popular studio facilities in the country with a Caterpillar XQ2000 generator set. Along with a state of the art Transcube fuel tank, we made sure the studio experienced zero downtime.

Client: Humana Continucare Center
Purpose: Back-up Power
Result: Rental Power Solutions provided Humana Continucare a MQ220 genset with cables and pigtails after reporting an unforeseen outage to Florida Power & Light (FPL). The clinic was told an on-site generator would be needed while the main power source is being fixed.

Tel: (305)487-8760

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