Nexus Alpha USA featuring Inergy and Previsico

Nexus Alpha USA acts as a hub for international innovation in the North and South American markets. Through our partnerships with Industry leaders like Inergy and Previsico we offer a range of products and services including Flood Mapping Software, Solar Powered Generators, Real-time Alert and Information Signage, and Augmented Reality Educational Games. We help a broad spectrum of international businesses navigate the complexities of the US market, and specialize in linking innovation with opportunity, helping to provide smart solutions for a connected world. Along with our partners from Inergy, and Previsico, we are delighted to bring our Innovation Showcase to Miami for the 2023 Natural Disasters Expo, and look forward to seeing you at stand #681 to demonstrate how our solutions can help us all to adapt to the challenges we now face as a result of Climate Change.

Tel: +1 727 286 9909

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