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Wildfires destroy millions of football fields of nature yearly and costs billions of euros in damages while increasing the threat to our lives.

Climate change will only worsen this problem. A fast response is a wildfire’s biggest enemy: the first 30 minutes are crucial. MEJOR Technologies has identified 4 key issues with current systems. Current systems typically take far longer.

MEJOR Technologies’ FAST-Detection system offers a full-service integrated solution that will increase preparedness, response times and efficiency in stopping wildfires.

The FAST system can operate 24/7 and creates a detailed risk-profile of any surface.

After ignition FAST determines the exact location, size and direction of any fire within minutes.

It also generates evacuation routes and a fire fighting plan for the boots on the ground.

After a fire it continuously monitors to prevent re-ignition, gather scientific data and support rescue and recovery operations.

MEJOR Technologies is an Amsterdam based startup which strives to solves world problems with technology. To battle the increasing threat of wildfires they designed a full-service wildfire detection system. The goal is to facilitate fire fighters to control a fire as quickly as possible.

MEJOR Tech currently consists of 4 engineers and an experienced group of advisors. They are developing a Proof-of-Concept prototype to test with the Dutch fire department in 2023. They aim to have the first MVP of their system ready in 2024.

MEJOR Tech’s FAST-detection system is easily scalable to thousands of square kilometers and doesn’t require any existing infrastructure or mobile network and is fully weather and terrain independent. It can be deployed and fighting fires within days anywhere in the world. Since it is a measure against climate change the system is sustainably produced and can operate fully on renewable energy.

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