LEITEK Innovative Solutions is one of the leading providers of early wildfire detection systems in Southern Europe.
LEITEK has successfully deployed dual-band (EO/IR) early wildfire networks in Portugal and Greece for the persistent and effective surveillance of vast areas of forest, some belonging to UNESCO-listed natural parks.

We are coming to the NATURAL DISASTERS EXPO in Miami 2023 to present the SafeForest video-surveillance system our latest system developed for the total protection of the Forest, Wildland Urban Interface areas as well as industrial sites, and private homes located in potential high-fire-risk areas.
The SafeForest is our latest forest video surveillance system developed in-house based upon years of experience in 
the field with end-users and systems deployed in harsh environmental conditions and high orographic complex territories and is leveraged with the latest developments in Deep Learning. SafeForest science. The SafeForest is designed for the total protection of assets against wildfire
covering both automatic and persistent surveillance tasks and security of areas of interest, looking for suspicious
classes of objects at certain operator-defined areas in time and space, like vehicles or people.

SafeForest is a high-resolution system (4k) able to detect automatically and effectively small fires and columns of
smoke with high confidence and has an edge-computing architecture to minimize communication costs and capability
to store information in the event of communication failure.

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