CHEMTREC is a trusted partner in incident prevention, preparedness, response and recovery for high consequence industries and those tasked with supporting them in a response capacity. We have unique experience in in preparing and supporting individuals make high consequence decisions under pressure.

We tailor this support through our bespoke Psychology of Command and Resilient Responder training programs which have been delivered to professional emergency responders across the globe, or via our suite of consultancy services. While CHEMTREC has traditionally operated across the chemical sector, helping organizations and responders plan for and manage any incidents involving hazardous materials, our expertise is now sought beyond this and we regularly support a wide range of organizations manage risk by planning for and dealing with incidents wherever and whenever they happen.

Our services include:

  • Training and Exercises: Drills, TTX, Live simulations. Through our training we specialize in the application of non-technical skills, resilience and critical decision making under pressure. Our exercises test the ability of organizations to respond to, and make decisions, during incidents, emergencies and disaster situations.

  • Mass Notification and Online Incident Coordination Capabilities: Launched via our 24/7 call centre to activate your teams and enhance your coordination and decision making

  • Planning: The development and implementation of crisis and emergency plans and continuity of operations plans for organizations.

  • Support to first responders: through bespoke training including our Psychology of Command and Resilient Responders programmes and through the TRANSCAER program

  • Bespoke risk assessments for sites and organizations

  • 24/7 worldwide emergency call center providing services including specialist chemical information provider and poison centre advice

We help organizations do what is right, quickly and effectively, so that people, the environment and assets are protected and the reputations of organizations are preserved.

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