CG Environmental

CG Environmental (the "Cleaning Guys") is a leading full-service environmental firm with seven locations in Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and California.  The Company's services include emergency and disaster response, industrial and biohazard cleaning, waste transport and disposal, vac-truck services, roll-off services, and petroleum services.


CG is the owner of the patented "Annihilator" trucks and hand-held units which can clean 800 square feet per minute on roadways, parking lots, or other hard-surfaces.  Our system helps open roads and facilities 15 times faster than using absorbent (“Kitty Litter”).  Not only is it faster, but the CG process captures 574% more hydrocarbons than the Kitty Litter Method, creating a safer and cleaner surface for motorists, equipment, and employees, as well as the environment.  We offer these services 24/7.  There are only 16 of these trucks in the world.  We have them all, and we have them available for you.   


CG is capable of handling most all types of hazardous materials, including biohazards such as Ebola.  In 2014, CG handled the containment and clean-up of Ebola when it struck the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  With this experience, CG has the capability to handle the biohazards that often follow a natural disaster.

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