Capacitech Energy, Inc.

Capacitech Energy, Inc builds high performance energy storage systems for renewable, off-grid, telecom, broadcasting, and defense power applications among others. Our product is a physically flexible power cord that also stores power for when it is needed. The product connects between power sources and loads to dramatically improve quality, reliability, and peak power capacity. Capacitech’s innovative use of existing wiring infrastructure unlocks the potential of power sources like generators, batteries, and solar panels to achieve unrivaled performance. As power needs grow, systems have become increasingly more dynamic and complex. Solutions are often expensive, oversized, and require design tradeoffs. Our products are optimized for high power applications and utilizes space efficiently to achieve project goals. The power cords complement the system they are part of, are affordable, easy to install, and system agnostic being easily integrated with batteries and other power sources. Capacitech’s approach has been used in a wide range of applications from enabling all-day runtimes in AR/VR headsets to powering large drone charging stations at off-grid events.

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