Biolan Oy is a 45 years old Finnish family business that develops, manufactures and markets
products for gardening and for ecological living.

By using Biolan’s long-lasting products, each of us can take part in sustainable development.

Biolan specialises in waterless and chemical free dry toilets: dry toilets, composting and freezing
toilets, as well as accessories. No need for plumbing, electricity or water. Very durable,
long-lasting and easy to install and maintain and hygienic solution. The products are reasonably
Dry toilets turn out to be a functional solution for villages, cottages, archipelagos and disaster areas.
Where water is a critical resource, there is no need to use it in toilet !

Key factors – Save the water, save the planet:

•Durable and long lasting.
•Easy to transport.
•Easy to install and maintain.
•No electricity and no water needed. (e. freezing toilet).
•Hygienic. Clean and without smell.
•Cost-effective solution. Toilet residues remain on
the site.
•Fits in every climate.

Given the environmental effects composting at home or locally is also probably the best way to reduce your impact on the world around you.

Tel: +358 (0)2 5491 600

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