betteries AMPS GmbH

Founded in 2018, Berlin-based betteries AMPS GmbH gives electric vehicle batteries a 2nd productive life, which supports the circular economy, makes e-mobility truly sustainable, reduces carbon emissions, and avoids electronic waste.

The team has developed a flexible range of fully certified 2nd life mobile, modular, and connected AC + DC power systems. Specifically designed for tough operating environments, betteries’ rugged, noise and emission-free power solutions are ideally suited for critical in-and outdoor back-up power applications as well as any kind of off-grid disaster relief operation on land and water. betteries systems can be charged by the grid or renewable energy sources, like solar or wind.

We partner with global automotive OEMs like Renault, to secure its battery feedstock. Only batteries that pass pre-qualification and fulfill the requirements for a safe and reliable second life are upcycled.

Giving electric vehicle batteries a 2nd productive life and replacing carbon-intensive solutions like generators and fuel-based combustion engines in disaster relief applications, delivers a triple win: Maximum relief for people in urgent need, maximum CO2 avoidance and maximum protection of critical battery resources like Lithium and Cobalt.

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