Advanced Situational Awareness, LLC

ASA is the only radio-based GPS tracking and mapping, purpose built solution in the industry.  Our primary advantage is RangerTrax operates “Off-Network” independent of satellites and cellular networks with no recurring fees. ASA provides Advanced Situational Awareness enhancing wildland firefighter safety in a dangerous situation.  RangerTrax© tracks your location and all other personnel or assets in radio range. RangerTrax© Enhances Search and Rescue efforts by improving Situational Awareness! with Man-Down Alerts. Knowing an asset’s GPS coordinates increases the ability to aid disabled personnel quickly. ASA’s GPS tracking over radio frequency system operates independent of satellite and cellular networks with no recurring fees. Powered by ESRI, RangerTrax© provides user access to private ArcGIS organizations or public servers to download Aerial, Topo and OSM map types in separate layers. A custom Asset Alias List allows unique call signs for each person or asset. Repeater mode of operation can extend the operating range where needed. When connectivity is available RangerTrax© will automatically upload GPX track data at user specified intervals to ASA’s Web Portal Server or any Enterprise Geospatial Portal providing a Common Operating Picture. An optional UAV interface supports First Person View video with Tethered, Autonomous or Free Flight modes delivered by Easy Aerial Drones. The UAV also serves as a portable antenna mast extending RF and LTE coverage while supporting payloads such as repeater modules and EO&IR cameras.

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