Access Wireless Data Solutions

Access Wireless Data Solutions (AWDS) has been providing cellular connectivity options for natural disaster and emergency response teams for over 14 years. With the need for emergency disaster response growing year after year, we’ve honed our expertise in creating tailored solutions for any team of any size and function. Our business model focuses on client partnership and support, and we thrive on your success. We go through a discovery consultation with you to determine your best-fit custom solution and give you exactly what you need – the AWDS team never pushes off-the-shelf solutions because we know your needs are nuanced. We even work with your carrier rep to provision your devices so that you receive a plug-and-play kit that’s ready to go as soon as it gets to you. Once your custom solution package is in your hands, we provide support through the life of the device with in-house tech support. We have strong relationships with industry leading connectivity manufacturers like Sierra Wireless and Peplink and we also partner with top antenna manufacturers like AirGain and Nextivity. Our range of products contains all the equipment an emergency response or natural disaster mission might require. If you need tough, ruggedized and mobile connectivity, Access Wireless solutions has you covered. We’ll help you get connected and stay connected even when disaster strikes.

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